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Leadership Mastery Accelerator

Are you

a business leader,

an HR specialist,

or in charge of people's development?

Then the chances are that 

you have seen many

highly talented,

extremely hard working,

& deeply dedicated managers

who would really benefit from insightful

leadership training and coaching.

Because you have seen it first hand that:


they are struggling


they are doing ok but could do much better. 

You notice:

their team members frustration,

 lack of motivation,

& high turnover.


The impact is much bigger if

these managers and team leads

are your company's POC with clients

and create the wrong image in your client's mind,

so you end up losing your prospects to your competitors! 

We have worked with dozens of such professionals 

who mostly know all the theories of leadership

but don't practice them in their daily work!

That's why we put together a leadership mastery program 

with a full day practical group training 



 12 weeks coaching follow ups 

with 1o1 training and coaching

to ensure your team members

carry out their new skills in their real life!

We have been privileged to be part of the transformation journey

of several cool companies

and it will be our absolute honor

        to support your business to realize YOUR company targets.


12 Weeks Leadership Mastery Accelerator

Join us as we work together to instill authentic, energized leadership excellence into your managerial team's skillset.


With our 12-week training and coaching program,

we will make sure that your team will  powerfully implement their new leadership techniques into their daily work life.

By the end of  this Leadership Mastery program,
your managers will become:

confident managers,

with strategic views,

 an engaged team,

and delighted stakeholders. 

7 Signs Your Managerial Team Needs
Experience-Based Leadership Training & Coaching 

Isn't it great that you have beaten the competition and have a lot of demand

for your product/service?

That means your company and your teams are constantly growing. 

While growing is great,


it brings its own challenges...

Here are 7 signs which show your managerial team

is NOT in charge and needs support:

  1. They manage their team with blind faith, they don't have the buy in 

  2. They don’t know when and what to delegate to get things done 

  3. Their team struggles to hit their target quota

  4. The team is not motivated and engaged, or they have a high turnover 

  5. They feel pressured by stakeholder's expectations

  6. They can't keep the team accountable because they don't have their team trust

  7. They struggle to transition from an individual contributor to a manager  

The problem is over 60% of managers never receive any form of training 

to learn how to lead.

And those who do,

usually participate in a day or two of leadership training

and come back to the office not knowing

how to properly implement what they have learned.


Understanding, creating, and staying consistent with new habits

requires strategy and discipline.

The Solution:
The 4 M Approach to Leadership Mastery  

Dr. Maria is an ex-entrepreneur,  she had an ad agency in Amsterdam where she took care of the complete operational processes of the company end to end.


Along with that, she was in charge of coaching & managing a team of

14 international professionals.

Thanks to this experience,

she was able to develop a four-step system that yields transformational benefits. 

This system is perfect for your company if you

crave having a managerial team which is:

  • Accountable and confident 

  • Knows how to gets the buy in from the team

  • Engages the team and keeps them accountable to deliver

  • Knows when and what to delegate  

  • Has the respect of your team and company

  • Acknowledges and follows your company's value and vision

  • Aligns and collaborates with key stakeholders 

Keep reading to see how Dr. Maria breaks down the 4M formula

to managerial level leadership skills.


Your Vision and Mission:

Where are you now, where do you want to be in one year and what is most important for you to be remembered for?

Your Leadership Style:

Identifying your leadership style and your areas of desired improvement 

Image by Austin Distel


Strategic Vision:


Transitioning from an individual contributor to a leader with a strategic vision for your role and your company 

Thought Leadership:  

Becoming and establishing yourself as a thought leader in your company and industry 

Image by Anne Nygård



Charismatic Communication: 

Identifying your dominant communication style, and advancing it using charismatic communication techniques meeting your personal authenticity 



  Influence Wizardry:

Assessing your influencing efficiency, and elevating it using the most effective influencing techniques suiting your company culture 




Confidence Mastery:


Identifying your imposter syndrome triggers and building your executive confidence  using both mind and body techniques



Team Motivation: 

Assessing your team motivation state and elevating it using practical engagement routines  

Image by Blake Weyland




"Our company grew more than 50% in headcount last year and that's when we hired Dr. Maria.


Our team of 6 managers went through the whole 12 weeks of her "leadership Mastery Training" program and came out different people.

Our managers are now more confident and on top of their role. They engage with their team more smoothly and seem more in charge. 

And the best part is that we don't have those bargaining conversations about targets."

Our 12 Weeks Leadership Mastery Journey Includes
One full day leadership training session where we cover fundamentals of leadership and the topics above 
Six 60 minutes biweekly 1:1 coaching sessions  for each member to discuss their individual goals and challenges

Practical tactics on how to build your leadership 

capabilities and become an awesome manager

Customized tools to deepen your  insights about yourself and your team 

Your Investment

For companies:

We deliver a full day training to cover the fundamentals.

After that, you can choose to opt in some or all of your team members to have 1o1 coaching sessions for a period of 12 weeks (6 sessions per person in total).  


The cost is dependent on your team size and the option you would like to go for. 

Get in touch with us below to start a conversion. 


For individuals:

This program is specifically designed for managers.

For individuals, we work on a 101 basis, and go through

the fundamentals during the coaching period. 

The cost for a 3 month leadership mastery coaching package 

if you are paying for yourself is £1300 paid upfront.

We do offer a payment plan if you wish to spread your payments. 

Free Discovery Session

We know choosing the best leadership program for your team is a big decision,
we have been on the
other side of this table ourselves and
know the gravity of it.

Feel free to book a discovery session to discuss your company's needs, 
this is often a much more efficient way

and we can discuss the costs and availability right away


Image by Brett Jordan
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