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Thanks for checking out my services!

I work with Ambitious College Grads, Millennials, Mid-Career Professionals,

and Burned-Out High Achievers. 

Those who believe they deserve better


are determined to build their dream career and live their best life.

If any of this sounds like you, 

then you are at the right place!

I believe in possibility,

in being yourself,

in dancing,

in fresh Mediterranean food,

in life lessons,

in superhero movies,

in Kafka’s Metamorphosis,

in noncomplex success,

and in giving my all.

When it comes to career,

I deeply believe in:

valuing your expertise, growing your worth, daring for the best, and achieving true success.

That’s where I can help you as a career coach and advisor. 

How Can I Help You?

Using my versatile career and mentorship experience, I can help you catalyze your career success journey in the following ways:



Individual Sessions focusing on your specific needs such as career change 

guidance, career transition resilience, resume refresh and interview preparation

Career Coaching

A package of 6 customized step by step sessions to catalyze your career building journey from where you are to your new career destination 

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I approached Maria after tow years of hopeless and unsuccessful trying, applying and rejection in the journey towards my next career step. At the time, I was based in Italy and would love to build my dream career and life in my dream land of UK.


My continuous failures made me confused and insecure, I no longer knew what the best career move is, and was aggressively applying for any job remotely related to my background. 

Maria came to my life with a wealth of insightful and practical strategies and deep care.  Together, we defined my career path and the exact step by step action plan towards landing my dream job.  We went all the way from re-writing my resume, to preparing for interviews and IELTS, to landing my dream job in UK,

in only 4 months. 

I am now a research leader in one of the most distinguished universities in UK and it is all thanks to Maria's guidance and support.

My Style

My style as a career development expert and a life coach is a unique blend of coaching and consulting which involves:

Keeping it real. Caring. 

Goals, targets and challenges.

Laughing. Deep listening.

Making solid plans.

Curiosity. Collaboration.

Feedback. Experimentation.

Cheerleading. Accountability.

Being informal. Confidentiality.

Following up.

Proven strategies and tactics.

Asking lots of questions.

Actionable recommendations.



Obviously it’s different for everyone,

but here’s a slice from some of my recent clients. 

Standing tall and confronting their fears; becoming the most confident version of themselves

Identifying their transferable skills as well as their realistic ideal career path

Getting their dream job in a competitive interview process

Shining in their new

job and enjoying their new life of financial security together with career success

Career Counseling Services

Career Counseling Service consist of individual sessions without long term commitment.

This is the perfect solution for you if you have time sensitive requests.

Each session lasts 90 min 

Investment: 125 British Pounds 


Each session is full of practical tools and deeply honest conversation, come ready to challenge yourself from the moment we begin and reap the rewards for a long time to come.

Note: I don't do free clarity sessions for career counseling, instead you can book me directly from any of "Book Now" buttons above and we get straight into your case. 

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Career Brainstorm

Everyone has a unique talent, some people discover it early on in life but it is never too late to change career! Using my experience of working in a variety of industries as well as working with several professionals, I can help you to find your zone of genius and build a solid and clear career plan.

Pole Dancer

Career Transition Resilience 

Change is an unavoidable part of our life and those who adapt fast are more successful and have a better quality of life. I know how tough career transition could be, using my meditation, relaxation and self leadership skills I can help you build your resilience and go through this tough time much smoother. 

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Application and Interview Preparation

Have you spotted a job which you believe is a perfect match for you? What makes you stand out of all the candidates is your resume, cover letter and interview skills. How great are they? Together we can work on your career transition skills and make sure you are showing your best in this process


Career Coaching Services


I believe too often we are caught up in the accessories;

that additional certificate or those extra skill endorsements on LinkedIn

while what I call "The Fundamentals" are overlooked.

During our coaching period, I help you by working on these Three Fundamentals:


 I take you through a journey of self-       discovery to identify:

  • What you exactly want, and going deeper into why you want it

  • How would you like to contribute to the world

  • What your best choice of balancing between “dreaming big” and “being practical” are, so you’ll have realistic options that you’re excited about

Image by David Travis

 I walk with you through a self-         development journey to:

  • Identify the gaps; things that are withholding you from achieving your dream career and life

  • Help you build the gap skills and expertise using the best available tools in the industry

  • Identify your  "zone of genius" as well as your transferable skills

Image by Sammie Vasquez

 And Finally we take a step by step           journey to:

  • Make you resilient to career demands and transitions and thrive through adversity 

  • Rebrand and market the new you 

  • Empower you to lead your career and life on your terms

Image by Denys Nevozhai
Our 3 Months Development Journey Includes

Career Coaching Service consist of 6 sessions in a package.

Each session lasts 60 min 

Investment: 870 British Pounds 


In Career Coaching we take you step by step from where you are to where you want to be in your career to build your dream life.  

Six 60 minutes biweekly Zoom  sessions where we discuss your progress on your 
Email support between sessions to share wins and questions
to propel you

Practical guidance to build your resilience 

alongside your professional skills to go through your transformation process more smoothly 

Access to me for reviewing your documents or practicing certain scenarios
turkuaz .jpg

When I met Maria I was feeling stuck in my  professional and personal life.

I couldn’t see a clear picture of the future where everything I was doing  was going to play into something bigger. 

I had no prior coaching experience hence I had no idea what to expect, but within 5 minutes of meeting Maria, I felt really comfortable sharing quite some personal pieces of my life because I saw she was genuinely interested to help me in the best way possible.

When I look back I see how important it was for me to have her guidance in my life.

I don’t think I knew what I needed then, but I know that I have not met anyone more worthy than her to guide someone with such compassion, strength, and sympathy. 

 The guidance I received from her set me on the exact path I wished to be, and should that path ever change,  I am now confident to make the necessary moves, 

thanks to the work we have done together and all the tools and techniques she has introduced to me.

Free Complimentary Clarity Session

The truth is, I genuinely believe in the power of “deep coaching,” so much that I want you to make your decision based on your experience with me more than my concepts!

Hence I am offering:

  • A detailed questionnaire that asks thought-provoking and powerful questions about your professional life, which gives direction to our time together and allows me to start making personalized recommendations from our very first call 

  • One free 30 minutes coaching session. After I receive your completed questionnaire, you will receive your date and time for your free session

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