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Career Transition Accelerator 

Are you 

a mid-senior professional,

a team lead,

or a manager?

Then the chances are that 

you are 

extremely hard working,

highly talented,

deeply dedicated, 

and either bored or frustrated

Frustrated if you are challenged and would love to do better ​


bored if you are doing great but nothing is challenging anymore! 

These are the attributes of high achievers!

We mean it!

The majority would just ignore their feelings

and continue with the same job, 

no matter how boring or frustrating it becomes! 

It's a great sign that you are here.

It means you are finally ready 

to take that leap,

and take your career to the next level. 


We have been privileged to be part of the transformation journey

of many rising stars 

and it will be our absolute honor

  to support you through your transformation journey!

12 Weeks Career Transition Accelerator

Join us as we work together over the course of 12 weeks to redefine how you view your career.


We will show you the steps involved with a career transition

& how to do it successfully.

By the end of our Career Acceleration program,

you will achieve:

A clear path to your career goals,

knowledge on how to play the

"career change game" correctly,

and professional fulfillment in your life.

First Things First:
It isn’t about your lack of motivation or talent. 

You’re good at what you do,

and you work hard to be a team player.

From the outside looking in,

you have a great career full of success.

But something feels incomplete.

It feels like something is missing from your professional life. 

You KNOW your career could be so much more fulfilling than what it currently is,


but you’re caught in a loop because…

  • You have too many ideas and passions

  • You don't know which role and industry suits you the best

  • You don’t know how to choose your passion, or you do know, but can’t figure out where to start

  • You feel like it’s too late to transition to your dream career

  • You are stressed without having a clear career goal

  • You want to work in a different industry but don’t know how

All these trigger self-limiting beliefs, fear, and lack of career acceleration.

The Solution:
The 4C Approach to Career Mastery 

Dr. Maria has had some radical and successful career transitions herself.

She has personally experienced different career landscapes,

from science and academia to entrepreneurial and corporate business.

Thanks to this experience,

she was able to develop a four-step system that yields fantastic benefits. 

This system is perfect for you if you crave…

  • Clarity about your true passion.

  • Knowing yourself better.

  • Identifying your “zone of genius.”

  • Feeling like your life has meaning.

  • Building your dream career with ease.

  • Smooth career transition with no extra stress or risk. 

Keep reading to see how we break down the 4C formula to career acceleration.


Your Vision:

Where are you now and where do you want to be in 6 months?

Your Purpose :

Why do you want this? How would you like to contribute to this world?

Image by Bud Helisson


Choice Analysis:

Figuring out the best choice of balancing between “dreaming big” and “being practical”, i.e. making a plan A and plan B scenario

Zone of Genius: 


Finding your unique talents as well as your transferable skills

Image by Anastasia Petrova



Gap Analysis:

Identifying the gaps, things that are withholding you from achieving your dream career and life




Helping you build the gap skills and expertise using the best available tools in the industry


Image by Cookie the Pom


The New You:

Rebranding and market the new you using professional platforms such as Linkedin 


Expanding your network and possibilities using professional platforms and events 

Public Speaker

Christian F.

Technical Product Manager

"After 15 years of  professional experience, I finally decided to transition from working for others to working for myself, and that's when I approached Maria.

Maria helped me find my zone of genius and leverage my transferable skills. Thanks to her help, I managed to do this transition in an unbelievable period of 6 months. If you are thinking about career transition, I would highly recommend her." 

Our 12 Weeks Career Acceleration Journey Includes
Six 60 minutes biweekly Zoom  sessions where we discuss your progress on your 
Unlimited email support between sessions to share wins and questions
to propel you

Practical guidance to build your resilience 

alongside your professional skills to go through your transformation process more smoothly 

Customized tools to deepen your insights and accelerate your transformation journey 

Your Investment

The fee for our signature three-month

Career Acceleration Transformation Program is £1200 paid upfront.

Your willingness to meet this commitment indicates your understanding of its value.

we know that if we work together, the likelihood of you getting

a substantial return on both your monetary and time investment is close to 100%.

That being said,

we truly believe everyone should have access to coaching to build their dream career and life,

hence we are offering a monthly payment plan of £300

to those who are dedicated to transform but can't afford to pay it all at once.  

Free Complimentary Session

The truth is,
we genuinely believe in the power of
“Deep Coaching",
so much so that we want you to make your decision based on your experience with us more than our concepts.

Hence we are offering one free 45 minutes coaching session.

In this session, we will discuss: 

Your specific goal 
Practical coaching strategies to achieve your goal
Your questions about these strategies 
How could I help you to achieve your goal 


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