I know that building your dream career is hard,

and managing your career development is even harder.


Sometimes you have self-doubts about what your best career choice should be, and other times, you are clear but feel insecure and afraid of facing your fear of making that jump.

“Follow your passion” or “get a well-paid job”

seem to be the only advice you get from people around you.

Advice from podcasts, personality books, career books,

and well-meaning family members have also drowned out your own voice.

Now Let Me Bring You The Good News!

You can always thrive,

irrespective of the odds!

I have worked with several professionals like you

who were on the verge of giving up.

But instead, they decided to

work with someone who can see who they are,

nurture what they are capable of,

and give it to them straight.


 Breathe easy, because

   that’s exactly what I do!

If you are wondering why should you choose me as your coach, below is a summary of my experience and accomplishments

so far...

I am Dr. Maria Mirzaei, an ex rocket scientist, ex Google business consultant, and a current certified career consultant and leadership coach.

I am an enthusiast with a purpose to help others

better their lives and succeed by caring for them and

helping them build the life of their dreams.

I love to care and I love everyone who cares! Honestly, I think we have very few people in our lives who care about us or

anything for that matter!

I fell in love with Aerospace Science when I was 8,

and acquired my Ph.D. in Rocket Science in 2011.

Since being introduced to Psychology and Neuroscience as a teenager, I’ve acquired several professional certifications from Washington University, MIT, and Harvard online schools,

as well as reading about 300 books in the field.

I have a diverse career background with a wealth of experience

as a scientist, an entrepreneur,

and a corporate employee in my professional life.

I’ve started a business, hired and coached a team of 14 amazing internationals, and sold my shares when it was time to jump!

I’ve worked in extreme working conditions like a gas field on the North Sea as the only female scientist among 1500 males. I also enjoyed being a business consultant for Google for 3,5 years.

I enjoy giving myself the gift of occasional long silent retreats and have been an avid dancer for over a decade. My love for height and speed led me to experience some of the highest, and steepest zip lines on earth.


But it was my near-death experience in 2014

that put me on the right path in life. 

I truly believe in the power of in-depth coaching, and have myself learned a lifetime from being a coachee for more than 15 years  with coaches such as Tony Robbins, Jeffery A. Martin, Byron Katie, Adyashanti, Shinzen Young, Julie Parker, Rich Litvin and Brene Brown. 

I am honoured that you’ve taken the time to come check out my website and am sure that with my deep care and experience, 

I can help you make your dream come true.

With love and care,




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