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 Dr. Maria's Story

When Maria was 8 and could barely read,
her mom bought her a science book
which was all about NASA's visionary projects for 20th century. 

That book set the scene for her life!
That's when she decided to become a Rocket Scientist.

From there on she spent a lot of time in bookstores,
where she spent hours to find her favorite science 
books and her mom sat down patiently and waited for her.

She had a big vision for her life,
which looked completely impossible at the time!
She lived in a small town around the Caspian Sea, 
where no one spoke English! 
And no one in her whole extended family and friends had ever moved abroad! 

She is a native when it comes to building your best life,
she started self learning English at the age of 9,
and booked her first therapy session
on her own with pocket money at the age of 14, 
to improve the quality of her life. 

Since then, she has acquired several professional certifications from top international organizations such as 
Duke University and ICF 
as well as reading 300 books in the field of
human science, psychology and neuroscience.  

 She acquired her Ph.D. in Rocket Science at the age of 29 from one of the top 200 universities on this planet.

And have been a coachee to some of the greatest coaches and mentors on this planet for more than 15 years: 

Tony Robbins,
Marshall Goldsmith, 
Jeffery A. Martin,
Byron Katie,
Brene Brown, 
Rich Litvin,
Shinzen Young.

She has a diverse career background with a wealth of experience
as a scientist, an entrepreneur,
and a corporate employee in her professional life.

She has started a business, hired and coached a team of 14 amazing internationals,
and sold her shares when it was time to jump!

She has worked in extreme working conditions like a gas field on the North Sea as the only female scientist among 1500 males. She also enjoyed being a business consultant for Google for 3,5 years.
But it was her near-death experience in 2014
that put her on the right path in life. 

That's where she decided to become a coach and  support people on this planet to use their full capacity and live an
epic life!

And she feels really privileged that she has served, guided and advised some of the top talents and rising stars on this planet since then.


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Other Things About Her

  • Maria is an avid dancer

  • She loves nature and prefers mountains to the sea 

  • She no longer does ‘busy’

  • She loves the silence! 

  • She can’t handle heat or spicy food

  • She practices both radical honesty and radical open-mindedness

  • She loves the combination of height and speed 

  • She is as materialistic as she is spiritual and as egocentric as she is compassionate 

  • She is a fanatic learner but very picky when it comes to choosing books 




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