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Hi there!

Welcome to drmariacoaching.

I’m Maria,

a professional leadership and

career coach.

I turn ordinary people into extra-ordinary leaders,

with strategic vision,

astounding confidence, 

and incredible peak performance.

Isn’t it time someone just laid it out for you, clear as day,

what you need to do to accelerate your career progression, 

unleash your highest capacity

and live an exceptional life? 

We are so privileged to live in an era with abundant access to information

and plenty of opportunities. 

And yet paradoxically,

 so many professionals never achieve their dream career goals, 

never use their full potential,

and never live an extraordinary life. 

Why do you think that is?  


I think that although our access to information

and our number of choices increased exponentially,

our time didn't! 

Also, most of this information is not truly relevant and practical.

That's where I can help you!

What you need to succeed is a



and bespoke strategy

from someone

with a demonstrated success record.

Someone who walked the walk! 

I have a wealth of experience in diverse fields,  including a PhD in Rocket Science,

building and leading a successful Ad Agency,

and working as a business consultant for Google.

Rocket Launch

When it comes to building a dream career, there are mainly two groups of people.


Group 1 attempts to make money from their passions,

they are the ones who are always on the look out for that dream job which will turn their life around.

Group 2 on the other hand usually ends up with:

Taking a (new) job, whatever comes first,

Using advice from their friends and parents, which often muddies the water and makes it even more difficult to build a fulfilling career,

Using creative projects like blogging to either distract themselves or help them stumble on their career path somehow,

Using self-help books and personal development tools to manage

the unhappiness from their current situation

If any of this sounds like you in any way,

you’re not alone,

and you’ve come to the right place.


I believe you do NOT need to choose between one of these 2 options,

it is possible to have a career which is both fulfilling and pays well.


In my career acceleration and leadership mastery offerings, I have put together a step by step process which will take you from where you are

to where you want to be in just a couple of months.

In my coaching series, I help you to significantly improve your life in one or more of these areas in a short period of time:

  • Career Clarity and Strategy Planning 

  • Skill Development and Stakeholder Influence

  • Leadership Clarity and Strategic Vision 

  • Imposter Syndrome and Executive Presence

Personal and Team Leadership


Do you want to have a glimpse of how it works?

Then book your free discovery session and we will discuss your situation in detail.