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Hi there!

Welcome to drmariacoaching.

We are here to help 1 million businesses to build a diverse, powerful and accountable

managerial team using our training,

coaching and consultancy services.


Our mission is to help build a world full of equal opportunities.

We are so privileged to live in an era with abundant access to information

and plenty of opportunities. 

And yet paradoxically,

 so many of us never achieve our dream career goals, 

never use our full potential,

and never live an extraordinary life. 

Why do you think that is?  


We think it is due to having access to too much information,

although our number of choices increased exponentially,

our time didn't! 

Too much of information has never been a good thing,

especially now that there is 24/7 exposure to

emails, social media, and newsfeed. 

What you need to succeed is a



and bespoke strategy

from someone

with a demonstrated success record.

Someone who walked the walk! 

Dr. Maria has a wealth of experience in diverse fields,  including a PhD in Rocket Science,

building and leading a successful Ad Agency,

and working as a business consultant for Google.

Rocket Launch

Our Programs 

Image by Julien Flutto

Career Transition

For Individual Professionals

 1:1 coaching program
focusing on:

Career Clarity

Career Strategy Planning

Skill Development 

Personal Branding 


For Managerial Teams 


Individual Managers

Group & 1:1 program focusing on:

Your Leadership Style

Strategic Vision

Stakeholder Influence 

Confidence Mastery 

Image by Josh Calabrese

Take the Leap

In our Leadership Mastery Acceleration and

Career Transition Acceleration programs,

we've developed a step-by-step process that will take you from where you are to where you want to be in only 12 weeks. 

With over 15+ years of diverse experience across industries

and in the coaching sphere,

we’ll help you significantly improve your

life in one or more of these areas:


  • Leadership Clarity and Strategic Vision


  • Imposter Syndrome and Executive Presence

  • Career Clarity and Strategy Planning 

  • Skill Development and Career Transition

Do you want a no-obligation, free taste of

how it could all come together for you?

Book your discovery call now,

and we'll create a plan that ensures your future’s success. 

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"After two years of hopeless career transition efforts, Maria helped me to take the leap and land my dream career and move to my ideal country in a matter of weeks." 


Lecturer in Polymer Chemistry 


"Maria and her team provided a series of leadership training and coaching to my team of 12 professionals. I have noticed that my team feels more comfortable being held accountable and are noticeably more engaged and productive" 

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"The guidance I received from Maria set me on the exact path I needed, and if this path ever changes I am now confident to make the necessary moves thanks to the work we have done together."



Managing Director

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